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Apply Online For Kansas Elk And Either-species Deer Permits

PRATT – The application deadline for limited elk and either-species deer firearm permits is July 13, 2018. Kansas residents may apply online at for one of 12 Either-species Elk permits and 15 Antlerless-only Elk permits allocated for Unit 2a (Ft. Riley). And resident hunters who want to hunt mule deer with a firearm can apply for limited Either-species Deer permits valid in the East or West zone. Those who don’t wish to hunt this year may purchase a preference point that will count toward a firearm Either-species/Either-sex Deer permit in a future drawing or a bonus point for limited elk permits.

Elk permit applicants only pay the application fee ($12.81) when applying. Successful applicants will be notified by mail and the permit fee will be collected. Unsuccessful applicants will automatically receive a bonus point. Anyone who receives a limited Either-sex Elk permit is not eligible to apply again. Anyone who receives a limited Antlerless-only Elk permit may not apply again for a five-year period. Applicants may view drawing results online at two to four weeks after the application deadline.

The fees for 2018 Elk and Either-species Deer Permits are:

Deer Firearm Either-species/Either-sex

General Resident – $52.50
Resident Landowner/Tenant – $32.50
Resident Youth (15 and younger): $22.50
Nonresident Tenant – $97.50
Preference Point – $11.50
Elk Firearm Either-sex

General Resident – $302.50
Landowner/Tenant – $152.50
Resident Youth (15 and younger) – $127.50
Nonresident Tenant – $152.50
Bonus point – $12.81
Elk (Antlerless)

General Resident – $152.50
Landowner/Tenant – $77.50
Resident Youth (15 and younger) – $52.50
Nonresident Tenant – $77.50

For a list of 2018 elk and deer seasons, consult the 2018 Kansas Hunting and Furharvesting Regulations Summary, available where licenses are sold and online at