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Commission Big Game Permit Winners Announced

PRATT – Commission Big Game Permit winners were drawn by Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commissioners during their Jan. 9, 2020 meeting in Iola. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s (KDWPT) Commission Big Game Permit program allows eligible conservation organizations to apply for one of seven big game permits, which can then be sold to raise funds for pre-approved conservation projects. Organizations drawn may receive just one Commission Big Game Permit in a three-year period.

One elk, one antelope or up to seven deer permits are issued each year, depending on applicant preference. The permits are either-species/either-sex and are valid statewide during any season with legal equipment for that season; they do not count against other big game permits the license holder is eligible for.

Once the permit is sold, 15 percent of the total sale price is kept by the organization. The remainder raised is then remitted to KDWPT to be utilized on a jointly determined conservation project.

Seven deer permits were awarded to the following conservation groups this year:

Ducks Unlimited, Cheyenne Bottoms Chapter

Contact: Kim Schneweis, Chairman,, (620) 282-9592

Pheasants Forever, North Fork Tailgunners Chapter

Contact: Chris Blackledge, Regional Rep.,, (620) 767-2121

Ducks Unlimited, Prairie Dog Chapter

Contact: Josh Williams, Regional Director West Region,, (785) 443-4486

Ducks Unlimited, Topeka Chapter

Contact: Chris Young, Regional Director East,, (913) 333-2922

Ducks Unlimited, Kiowa County Chapter

Contact: Jamie Brown, Area Chair,, (620) 723-2111

Ducks Unlimited, St. Paul Chapter

Contact: Chris Young, Regional Director East,, (913) 333-2922

Ducks Unlimited, Woodson County Chapter

Contact: Chris Young, Regional Director East,, (913) 333-2922

For more information on this program, visit or contact Commission secretary Sheila Kemmis at (620) 672-5911.