Below we have developed a list of frequently asked questions. If you have further concerns please feel free to view our contact page and express those concerns or questions.

Can I subscribe to certain news topics and receive emails when those are updated?

If we open a registration in the future we would have the ability to email members specific news based on groups of interest. Currently we are not providing that function. We do provide an email based subscription for “all” of the news posted daily. News is delivered every day when new topics are posted. The subscription service is handled via FeedBurner. You can Subscribe to Outdoor News Daily by Email Here. Requirements include a verification of your intent to subscribe received through an activation email. If your browser is setup to receive data feeds with an automatic feed reader then by all means, grab any of our feed url’s and plug them into your reader and you will receive alerts each time we update. The complete list of rss feeds we offer can be found here

I contacted you with a question and didn’t get a response.

The purpose of Outdoor News Daily is to supply outdoor news. However, we do respond to a very limited amount of questions that we receive on a daily basis. In many instances we receive general questions such as “Is fishing still open in the deep pond?” Figuratively speaking there are probably 100 ponds called Deep Pond across the United States alone. In such a case your question is discarded. Please be specific and at minimum include your state or the state for which you are seeking the information. This will elevate the percentage of receiving a response. We do not make suggestions as to where to hunt or fish in any particular state. We post that news when it becomes available which is distributed by knowledgable persons involved with fisheries or wildlife management entities. In essence if you couldn’t find what you’re looking for by using the site search or state news features then we probably do not have that answer readily available. Again, we post outdoor news as our first and foremost goal to keep you informed.

Some sites allow visitors to add comments to news topics. Is that a future prospect?

As of June 2009 we have changed our policy regarding the allowance of reader comments on our news items. You may now comment on all future news articles and those articles dated after June 1, 2009. Older news items will not be available for comment. There is no registration required for posting comments. Comments with links included will be automatically deleted by the system. Other comments may be automatically held for moderation.

I don’t see a registration area anywhere. Can people register to add their own news?

Currently there is no open enrollment at Daily News Outdoors. We will not be allowing users to add their own articles.

What are the icons for that are found beneath each news article?

Those icons are for social bookmarking and sending that specific news item to a friend via email server. If you are currently registered with any of the social bookmarking sites, [ie: Digg,, stumbleUpon, Reddit, Newsvine, etc.] you can simply click the link in the dropdown menu noted by the Share This icon. From there you sign-in to your account and add the link back to our news item. The second tab in the same dropdown menu is for emailing an article to a friend. It’s basically the same as any email process. Add their email address, your name, and your address and click the Send It button. The recipient will receive an email with a brief message that you think this news item may be of interest to them. The system will also automatically attach the link back to the news item.

Could the categories also be divided into states to make it easier to find the news?

We entertained the idea of that very breakdown regarding the categories but those would also need many sub-categories to satisfy everyone. The final decision was to integrate specific news categories as you see here now. The quickest way to find your state information is through the search function. A simple query [ex:Texas] would return all news reports for the state of Texas. We have also created a State Specific page that allows a quick jump option to your latest categorized state news.

Can we submit our own news via email?

We encourage news submissions but keep in mind that we will publish only those that we feel are appropriate. Submissions that are geared only towards promotion are unlikely to appear within Outdoor News Daily.

Is there a script we can use to republish your news on our website?

If your site is equipped with an aggregate news feed reader then you have the ability to plug the feed url and begin displaying our news. The url you need has been posted above. If your site is not compatible with rss/xml feeds you have the option to use a simple javascript – see sample.

Do you plan to sell advertising space within your news website?

We will support the work involved with appropriate ads. We currently have not made any decisions to offer advertising space to third party venues from the public.