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Hiking challenges debut at Turkey Run and Shades state parks

Test your endurance on new hiking challenges at Turkey Run and Shades state parks that explore rocky canyons, deep ravines, bubbling streams and mature forests.

Turkey Run hosts the “5 Mile Challenge,” requiring visitors to hike through Boulder Canyon and the Punch Bowl and to the Lusk Home.

At Shades, the “6 Ravine Challenge” will take hikers 4.5 miles through Shawnee Canyon, the Devil’s Punch Bowl and to the vista at Prospect Point.

Finishers earn a unique challenge sticker to show off their accomplishment.

To earn a sticker, complete one of the challenges, share a picture on social media of the hike using the hashtags #5MileChallenge or #6RavineChallenge, and show photos of three locations from the challenge to a park naturalist.

For more information, visit the Turkey Run State Park Nature Center or call 765-597-2654.