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Hunters Take Advantage of Second Tag Discount

Many hunters eagerly looking forward to their autumn adventures in Idaho are choosing to double their opportunity this year. Second tags for deer and elk are selling steadily after the Fish and Game Commission reduced prices for 2014.

While some may be choosing to wait to see if they are successful with their first tag, others are choosing to hit the back country with two tags in hand. The second tag will allow many to ensure success and still have a tag available to pursue that once in a lifetime trophy.

The availability of a second tag opens up the possibilities for many favorable situations, allowing hunters more choices in the field. Hunters often find themselves wondering if they should take an average animal early in the hunt, or hold out for something better. With two tags, the options will be wide open.

Pat Ewing, a big game hunter from Caldwell, Idaho calls it a win-win situation.

“You could shoot a doe or a forker with the first tag then go after a monster buck with your second tag,” said Ewing who drew a controlled hunt this year. “I will use my second tag to hunt the Boise River for a whitetail. Once my freezer is full, I can get my big buck.”

Nearly half of the second tags have already sold, and Fish and Game Licensing expects demand to pick up as rifle season rapidly approaches.

“You will see a big bump in the numbers as we get closer to October 10th,” said Licensing Manager Craig Wiedmeier. “There is a chance those second tags will sell out this year.”