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Hunting, Fishing, Guiding, and Trapping in Alaska during COVID-19

Hunting, fishing, and trapping activities are important to many Alaskans and non-residents. Hunters, anglers, and trappers are reminded that all seasons remain open as scheduled during the COVID-19 pandemic unless changed by emergency order.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reminds everyone that the Health Mandates issued by the State are continually being updated to provide guidance for traveling both to and within Alaska. In example; social distancing, face coverings when in public places, washing hands often, prior provisioning to be self-reliant, while awaiting test results quarantine within some form of electronic communication, and respect of the health of local communities and local ordinances. Also, a reminder for Guides that Health Mandate 10 must be adhered to for their clients. These plans are critical to ensure the health of participants and Alaska communities.

Please be aware of local recommendations and mandates. In-state travel is allowed for all purposes, however local communities may (and do) enact their own requirements and rules for travelers. Always check borough and city orders before departing on travel. This list provides links to local government COVID-19 information websites.

Details regarding specific requirements can be found at As we learn more about the COVID pandemic, mandates and associated requirements will change. Please check this website frequently for updates.

We are all in this together. Hunters, anglers, and trappers are asked to lead by example, follow the current health mandates, and be respectful of the communities in which we live and through which we travel. It is possible, even with the current restrictions, to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Be safe, be respectful, and may your hunting, fishing, and trapping adventures be successful in every way possible.