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Leftover sandhill crane and pheasant hunt permits available Sept. 21

SANTA FE – Leftover sandhill crane and pheasant hunting permits will be available for sale at 10 a.m. MDT Sept. 21 on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish website. Available permits are:

One, youth-only, pheasant hunting permit for the Bernardo Wildlife Area on Oct. 22.

Nine, youth-only, pheasant hunting permits for the W.S. Huey Wildlife Management Area on Dec. 3.

Forty-three sandhill crane hunting permits for the southwest hunt area from Oct. 29 to Nov. 6.

Fifteen sandhill crane hunting permits for the southwest hunt Jan. 7 and 8, 2017.

Customers purchasing leftover permits must have a game-hunting license and stamp(s) prior to hunting. Crane hunters also must have a Harvest Information Program (HIP) number.

Information about sandhill crane hunts is available in the department’s 2016-2017 migratory game bird supplement, page 11. Information about the special pheasant hunts is available in the department’s 2016-2017 hunting rules and information booklet, page 131. Both can be viewed on the department’s publications page at

New Mexico residents will get first shot at the permits during the first-come, first-served sale. Permit sales will be open only to residents for the first 24 hours. The sale will be opened to everyone, regardless of residency, at 10 a.m. Sept. 22.

Leftover permits will be sold online only. Permits, licenses and stamps can be printed from any computer by signing on to an account and selecting “My Purchases.”

Hunters planning to purchase a leftover permit also must have completed all mandatory 2015-2016 harvest reporting requirements or their purchase will be rejected in the post-sale audit. The application fee will not be refunded on rejected purchases.

For more information about the leftover permit sale or other Department of Game and Fish matters, please call the department’s toll-free information line, (888) 248-6866. Leftover permits will not be sold over the phone, however.