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Man Cited for Taking Six Antlered Deer this Hunting Season

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited a Tallulah man for alleged deer hunting violations on Feb. 1 in Madison Parish.

Agents cited Kenneth D. Gunter, 53, for taking over the seasonal limit of deer, taking over the daily limit of antlered deer and failing to comply with deer tagging requirements.

Agents received information on Jan. 31 that Gunter harvested two antlered deer on the same day along the Mississippi River Levee five miles north of Tallulah. Agents made contact with Gunter and found that he had harvested six antlered deer during the 2018-19 deer-hunting season including two antlered deer he harvested on Jan. 20.

Gunter also failed to tag any of the six antlered deer he harvested.

The seasonal limit for antlered deer is three and the daily limit of antlered deer is one for this area of the state. Agents seized six sets of antlers including a 10-point, two 9-points, two 8-points and a five point as evidence.

Taking over the daily limit of deer and over the daily limit of deer each brings a $250 to $500 fine and up to 90 days in jail for each offense. Failing to comply with deer tagging requirements carries a $100 to $350 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

Gunter may also face civil restitution totaling up to $11,382 for the replacement value of the illegally taken deer.