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Minnesota license fee increase needed to sustain great fishing

Minnesotans will celebrate great fishing when the season formally kicks off on Saturday, May 13.

Just how great is that fishing? It ranks second in the nation in the number of resident anglers, who number 1.4 million. It’s the third most popular inland fishing destination for out-of-state visitors.

But the fantastic fishing that creates $4.2 billion in economic activity and 35,000 private sector jobs doesn’t just happen. It’s the fisheries management work of the DNR that creates a myriad of varied opportunities.

Fishing license dollars pay for the majority of this work. But – like any business – costs rise over time. Prices for products and services aren’t fixed; fishing license fees are. They’ve been the same since 2013. That’s why DNR is asking for a $3 increase for an individual fishing license.

The fee increase – about the cost of a scoop of minnows – isn’t being sought to create new staff positions or build programs. What drives the fee increase are the decline in license dollars and less buying power due to increasing costs for pickup trucks, boats, trailers, motors and other equipment. Learn more at Support the Outdoors.