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New Product Seeks to Revolutionize Outdoor Industry

Las Vegas, NV – UV PAQLITE (UV Pack Light) is pleased to announce, The Orb, a green alternative to one time use glow sticks for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe. The Orb is a new environmentally friendly option for campers and backpackers; it provides over 100 hours of continuous light, recharges by USB, and uses patent pending technology to conserve battery life. The ingenious design combines LEDs, rechargeable batteries, and high performance glow-in-the-dark to create a light that competes directly with glow sticks.

UV Paqlite’s revolutionary design takes glow-in-the-dark to the next level of brightness and utility. Until now glow-in-the-dark dimed out fairly quickly, think of those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, but with advent of this new hybrid technology glow-in-the-dark can stay bright all night long making it an ideal light source on camping trips, backpacking around the world, or used as an emergency signal.

Recharging the Orb’s lithium ion 20 year battery is simple; just plug it into any USB port making it compatible with many charging devices such as solar rechargers, battery packs, power transformers, and adaptors (cable included).

The Orb is not limited to dry land; place the Orb inside the diver’s case (30m/100ft) for scuba diving and other water sports. The Orb’s breakthrough technology allows dive leaders or kayak outfitters to easily locate group members with reliability while being environmentally friendly.

Orb users have over 100 hours of continuous light (per charge) at their disposal so UV Paqlite encourages customers to take the Orb with them everywhere. Use it when sifting through backpacks, getting ready for bed inside the tent, marking a trail or campsite, diving at night, and kayaking past sunset. The Orb is a versatile light source that fits in the palm of your hand and attaches easily to backpacks, life vests, etc.

UV Paqlite introduced The Orb on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, that allows businesses to raise supplemental funding for new projects. “Kickstarter is a great platform for small business’, like us. The funding we receive from this campaign allows us to reduce costs by ordering all the various components in bulk and the product more affordable.” Alexis Nagel – Owner of UV Paqlite.

The Orb ($25) is now available on Kickstarter which includes shipping in the USA. UV Paqlite is also offering a 5 pack for $100 aimed at groups, families, and outfitters. The Orb is only available for pre-purchase until October 30, 2014. So now is the time to ditch the glow stick and glow green.

UV PAQLITE Official Website: