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Otter Bites Tuber on Missouri River near Townsend

HELENA – A tuber floating the Missouri River about a half mile upstream of York’s Islands Fishing Access Site south of Townsend on Saturday evening was bit by an otter.

The incident happened in about the same location as a similar incident last year, said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 3 warden sergeant Justin Hawkaluk.

The floaters saw an animal swimming toward them and then the otter punctured the tube and then bit the swimmer in the water. The wound was minor and didn’t require stitches.

“These incidents, while not common, do occur from time to time with animals that are either sick or protecting their young,” said FWP Region 3 spokesperson Andrea Jones. “In the case of any wild animal, it’s best to give them safe distance.”

Signs notifying recreationists of an aggressive otter in the area were posted at the Toston and York’s Island Fishing Access Sites.