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Point Judith Pond is Reopened to Shellfishing

PROVIDENCE – The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announces that all waters of Point Judith Pond that were affected by Monday’s emergency closure were reopened to shellfishing at noon today, November 1. The line separating Point Judith Pond and Potters Pond is from the southern end of Gooseberry Road to the northern end of Succotash Road in South Kingstown.

DEM enacted a precautionary closure of Point Judith Pond on Monday due to the intense storm on October 27 that brought over 2.5 inches of rainfall to the area. Data from samples collected on October 28 and October 29 had unsafe bacteria levels. On Wednesday, October 30, DEM collected another set of water samples to test for fecal coliform bacteria in response to the closure. Results received late yesterday from RIDOH’s laboratory analysis indicated that these waters are now suitable for the harvesting of shellfish. The Friday delayed opening allowed shellfish to naturally depurate and cleanse themselves once waters have returned to acceptable bacteria levels.

For information on shellfish closure areas, call DEM’s 24-hour shellfishing hotline at 401-222-2900. For more information on DEM divisions and programs, visit