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PointGuard still available for 2017 elk, pronghorn applicants

PHOENIX — For those who didn’t take advantage of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s innovative new program in “PointGuard” when applying for a 2017 elk or pronghorn hunt permit-tag, there’s good news:

The deadline to purchase the newest benefit for AZGFD customer portal customers, as part of their online application, is 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) March 16.

PointGuard ensures that if a successful applicant is unable to participate in a hunt for any reason, the accumulated bonus points that were expended to draw that hunt permit-tag will be reinstated. A bonus point is an accumulated credit that authorizes the department to issue an applicant additional computer-generated random numbers during a draw. An applicant accumulates a bonus point each year in which he or she submits a valid application and does not draw a hunt permit-tag.

PointGuard is available to applicants who applied online for a hunt permit-tag. All applicants must sign up for a free AZGFD customer portal account to purchase PointGuard (visit, click on the “Sign in to Account” button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page, then select the “Create an Account” option). PointGuard is $5 per species, per applicant.

For more information about PointGuard, visit, or call (602) 942-3000.