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Time to apply for quota hunts and alligator harvest permits

The phase I application period for the alligator harvest random drawing begins May 17 at 10 a.m. Eastern time and runs through May 27. More than 7,000 harvest permits will be available. If you’re 18 years old by Aug. 15, 2019, and have a valid credit or debit card, you can apply for an alligator harvest permit that allows the harvest of two alligators on a designated harvest unit or county.

Learn more about how the random drawing works and check out these tips to apply for alligator harvest permits. The updated Guide to Alligator Hunting in Florida is another valuable source of information about the application process and hunt structure, rules and regulations, methods of take, and tips on how to safely and responsibly hunt alligators.

Since 1988, Florida’s statewide alligator harvest program has been nationally and internationally recognized as a model for the sustainable use of a renewable natural resource. Alligators are a conservation success story in Florida. The state’s alligator population is estimated at 1.3 million alligators of every size. Each year, alligator management units are established with appropriate harvest quotas to provide recreational opportunities for hunters from Florida and beyond.