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Wisconsin 2019 Wild Rice Date-Regulated Lake Opening Update

The following list of Wisconsin’s date-regulated wild rice harvesting lakes will be closed for wild rice harvest in 2019:

Barron County:

Beaver Dam Lake
Red Cedar Lake
Burnett County:

Bashaw Lake
Big Sand
Mud Lake (Town of Oakland)
Spencer Lake
Douglas County:

Allouez Bay
Mulligan Lake
Forest County:

Riley Lake
Wabikon Lake
Atkins Lake
Oneida County:

Little Rice Lake
Rice Lake
Spur Lake
Polk County:

Balsam Branch
Big Round
East (Lotus) Lake
Glenton (Rice Lake Near Milltown)
Lt. Butternut Lake
Vilas County:

(Mickeys) Mud Lake
Allequash Lake
Devine Lake
Frost Lake
Irving Lake
Little Rice Lake
Rice Lake
West Plum Lake
Washburn County:

Spring Lake (Minong Township)

Wild rice harvest regulations can be found on the Wisconsin DNR website, by searching for “wild rice.”

Stay tuned for additional bulletins on more date-regulated lake openings.