2018 Trout Stocking Schedule for western Oregon

SALEM, Ore. — ODFW released its 2018 Weekly Trout Stocking Schedule for western Oregon today on its recently launched website MyODFW.com. Find it at https://myodfw.com/fishing/species/trout/stocking-schedule.

Like the new website, the new trout stocking schedule is mobile-friendly and easier to use. Anglers can now search by waterbody for a complete list of stockings in that lake or pond for the entire year. They can also search by date for all stockings in Oregon’s six Fishing Zones for a certain time period.

Previously, all stockings were listed in a PDF document organized by stocking date, making it difficult to see a waterbody’s full stocking schedule for the year.

“When are you stocking my pond or lake? is one of the most popular questions we get at ODFW. Some anglers even plan their vacations around it,” said David Lane, Acting Deputy Administrator, I&E, ODFW. “Now, it’s much easier to find the stocking information for your favorite local lake or wherever you are planning a getaway.”

Users should be aware that trout stocking information for the South Willamette waterbodies (including in Marion, Benton, Linn and Lane counties) is not available in ODFW’s stocking schedule. These waterbodies are now being stocked by a third party under contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Anglers should visit www.nwp.usace.army.mil/Missions/Environmental-Stewardship/Fish/ to find out more about when and what is being stocked. (A list of those South Willamette waterbodies is available at the Trout Stocking page.)

Trout stocking information for many waterbodies in eastern Oregon is not listed either because it’s not yet available. Unlike western Oregon, many lakes and ponds in eastern Oregon are not accessible until later in the year. The schedule for the rest of eastern Oregon will be posted once information is available.

As always, the trout stocking schedule lists the week that a waterbody is being stocked, not a specific date. The actual day of the week will vary based on workload and weather, so ODFW does not release this information.

Trout are Oregon’s most popular game fish with tens of thousands of anglers of all ages fishing for them every year. ODFW stocks between 5-6 million trout and kokanee in lakes, ponds and rivers throughout the state annually.