47 Boys Harvest 52 Animals with Operation Orphans, Inc.

Seven child residential and foster homes participated in the second hunt of the 2017 season with Operation Orphans Saturday, November 18. The 47 boys harvested 33 does, 6 spikes, 12 management bucks and one hog for a total of 52 animals. Kids came from Methodist Home, Waco; West Texas Boys Ranch, San Angelo; Boys and Girls Country, Hockley; Bluebonnet Youth Home, Yoakum; Boles Home, Quinlan; Foster’s Home, Stephenville; and Methodist Boy’s Ranch, Waco. The youngsters and their counselors came to Camp Gene Ashby Friday, November 17.

Area ranches which allowed the kids to hunt and spend the day in the field were 4H Standing Rock, Kimble county; Bloys Ranch, Kerr; BSAK Ranch, McCulloch; Craft Alaca, Blanco; Crenwelge Ranch, Gillespie; Crooked E Ranch, Blanco; DTR Ranch, Menard; Karl Ransleben Ranch, Gillespie; Lazy H, Mason; Mitchell Creek, Mason; Operation Orphans Game Pasture, Mason; Schweining Ranch, Sutton; Smith Ranch, Mason; Straley Ranch, Mills; Wilson Ranch, Gillespie; Stone’s Throw Ranch, Mason; YMCA Ranch, Kerr; and Compton Ranch, Mason.

Operation Orphans will have two additional hunts this season December 2 and January 6. A girl’s hunt was held October 28 in which 43 girls from 9 homes harvested 48 animals.

During the November hunt, the Mason Boy Scouts prepared the Saturday morning breakfast. Those participating were adults: Clay Lindsay, William Renfroe, Brian Vinson, Terry Simonton; scouts: Nathan Rodriquez, Nick Rodriguez, Jacob Kruso, Wesley Vinson, Drake Lehmberg and webelos: Garrett Lindsay and Derek Renfroe. Sack lunch makers for November were Della Osbourn, Christie Lehmberg, June Durst, Sherry Lehmberg and Deana Hentz. Sack lunch makers for October were June Durst, Sherry Lehmberg, Christie Lehmberg and Deana Hentz.

This is the 58th season that Operation Orphans, Inc. has organized hunts for underprivileged children.Over 18,500 youngsters have participated in the hunting program. For additional information contact Jerry and Lyla Crouch, Camp Supervisors, phone: 325.347.6745 or visit the website: www.operationorphans.org. Operation Orphans, Inc. gladly accepts gently worn boots, coats and camouflage clothing for children, ages 9 to 18.