In 2007 we began searching for reliable news outlets that offered a range of outdoor news for display throughout our network of websites. The majority of resources we found were very narrow with their coverage, focusing mainly on a single state or a singular outdoor activity. These limitations simply weren’t capable of covering our entire network. The options became obvious. Either continue to post news to each network site individually, or, create our own platform.

And here we are.

What we considered a side-project to fulfill our own needs has become a staple of the network itself.

After the first year of publishing we realized that other sites were also utilizing our news feeds on their own domains. We began to promote the feed options.

Since the beginning we’ve been committed to supplying fresh news, as our tagline says, on a daily basis. It is our goal to post a minimum of 4 new press releases per day. A goal we’ve met every day since with the exception of 5 days. Nobody’s perfect.

In 2016 we began pruning our old news and images. Let’s face it, there isn’t a huge volume of interest in old news. While pruning the older posts we were also removing the comments attached to each post. Watching all of the data and work disappear in a few clicks is never easy.

In the past we had also displayed ads within the site to offset the time involved in the site. That took us down a path which was never the true intention of the site and we’re happy to announce that in April of 2018, Outdoor News Daily was once again free of advertisements.

If you appreciate our work, tell a friend or two. And if you’re utilizing our news feeds on your website, we appreciate the added exposure and the opportunity to supply fresh outdoor content on a daily basis.