Additional Fishing Access Opens at Taylorsville Lake WMA

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Anglers eager to catch the white bass spawning run along a section of Salt River above Taylorsville Lake can get there easier now that some road access has re-opened in the area.

The gated accesses at Palmer Road and Old River Road off Ky. 44 at Taylorsville Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) will remain open from daylight until dark into summer, except for closures during the youth-only and general spring turkey seasons.

At this time, a portion of Old River Road is closed to vehicle access because of debris and road damage caused by recent flooding. The inaccessible section of roadway extends southeast from Palmer Road. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources crews are working to clear and repair the roadway to restore access.

The gated accesses at Palmer Road and Old River Road at Ky. 44 will remain open from now until Friday, April 6. Following a weekend closure April 7-8 for youth-only turkey season, the gates will reopen until April 13. Gates will remain locked during the general spring turkey season, April 14 to May 6. Gates will reopen from May 7 until Aug. 6.

Old River Road allows anglers easy bank access along the north side of the Salt River. The area includes gravel parking lots and several small pull-offs spread along the roadway. Parking is permitted only in the graveled parking spots and designated pull-offs. Driving through fields or parking in other areas is subject to citation.

Maps of Taylorsville WMA and other wildlife management areas are available online at, the website of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Search under the keywords, “Taylorsville Lake WMA” to view a map of the area.