Alabama Bait Bill Becomes Law

Hunters in Alabama can now hunt white-tailed deer (when in season) and feral pigs with the aid of bait on privately owned or leased lands if they have purchased and are in possession of an annual bait privilege license issued by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR). The new license, $15 for resident individual hunters and $51 for non-residents, is now available anywhere hunting licenses are sold including online at

Approved by the Alabama Legislature in April 2019, the new baiting law applies only to white-tailed deer and feral pigs on privately owned or leased lands. Baiting any wildlife – including white-tailed deer and feral pigs – on public lands remains illegal.

Hunters in possession of a valid bait privilege license can hunt feral pigs with the aid of bait as soon as that license is purchased. However, like all recreational hunting and fishing licenses, the bait privilege license will expire annually on August 31. To use bait for white-tailed deer and feral pigs during the 2019-2020 season, hunters must purchase or renew their annual bait privilege license.

There are no exemptions for the bait privilege license. All hunters who choose to hunt white-tailed deer and feral pigs with the aid of bait must purchase the bait privilege license regardless of their age or hunting license status. This includes hunters 65 years of age and older, those under 16 years of age, persons hunting on their own property and lifetime license holders. Additionally, the bait privilege is limited to the bait privilege license holder only. Each hunter must have their own bait privilege license when utilizing bait during hunting.

Under the new law, ADCNR can suspend the use of the bait privilege license on a county, regional or statewide basis to prevent the spread of disease among wildlife.

For those who choose not to hunt with the aid of bait, the Area Definition Regulation, which provides supplemental feeding guidance for landowners, is still in effect.

Revenue generated by the sale of the new bait privilege license will be federally matched nearly three to one to help support conservation efforts in Alabama.

For more information, contact the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement Section at 334-242-3467.