Anglers should harvest fish in Hyalite Reservoir spillway bypass channel

Bozeman – Each spring when Hyalite Reservoir fills, the bypass channel on the side of Hyalite dam becomes accessible to trout from the reservoir. Unfortunately, several hundred trout become stranded in the channel when the water level in the reservoir drops.

Several years ago, Fishing regulations in Hyalite Creek were liberalized to allow anglers to catch and harvest fish out of the bypass channel and Hyalite Creek.

“Each year people call us about trout stranded in the Hyalite Dam bypass channel,” said Travis Horton, FWP fisheries manager in Bozeman. “We anticipate this situation occurring and it’s taken into account in our management of Hyalite Reservoir, so we encourage people to harvest those fish.”

Hyalite Reservoir is stocked each year with Yellowstone cutthroat trout and has a wild reproducing population of Arctic grayling and brook trout. The regulations on the bypass channel and the creek downstream of the dam allow for five trout—cutthroat trout included—per day, with one over 18 inches. In addition, the limit for brook trout is 20 per day and in possession

For more information, call the FWP office in Bozeman at 577-7900.