Apply now for Iowa nonresident deer tags

The Iowa nonresident deer hunting application period is now open. Applications close June 6 at midnight, so get a head start and apply today! As a reminder, preference point purchases and applications are no longer available by phone and will only be accessible online. Please follow the instructions below to apply.

How to apply
Go to
Click the tab “Nonresident deer / turkey tags”
Click “Log in” or “Enroll now” to access the application

A few quick reminders
Hunter Safety: Proof of hunter safety education is required for anyone born on or after January 1, 1972. If your certificate is not already on file, you can upload it to your Iowa DNR account and it will be verified within one business day.
Group Application: If you are planning to come to Iowa with a group of hunters, you may choose to apply as a group. Applying as a group will ensure that if one group member is drawn, all others in the group will automatically be drawn as well. No hunter left behind!

Apply Early: Applying early will not affect your drawing odds, but it does give Iowa DNR staff time to assist you if you make a mistake or have issues with your application.