Atlantic bluefish regulation change effective Oct. 26

Starting Oct. 26, the following change will be in effect for bluefish:

The recreational daily bag limit will be three fish per person along the Atlantic coast from Nassau through Miami-Dade counties.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regulations for bluefish do not extend into federal waters of the Atlantic.

This change was approved at the July Commission meeting.

Bluefish from Maine through the Atlantic coast of Florida make up a single population. A 2019 federal stock assessment found that this Atlantic population of bluefish is overfished. Because of the assessment results, federal fishery managers adopted more restrictive recreational bag limits in Atlantic federal waters, and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission requested states implement similar regulations.

Learn more about bluefish recreational regulations at by clicking on “Recreational Regulations” and “Bluefish,” which is under the “Regulations By Species – General Species” section.