Brown Trout Stockings Expand in Kentucky Lakes

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Brown trout were stocked last spring for the first time in Cannon Creek Lake and Fagan Branch Lake. Now the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has added Greenbo Lake to its brown trout stocking program.

Greenbo Lake, a 176-acre lake in Greenup County, received its first ever stocking of brown trout in February. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife stocked 2,000 brown trout in the lake.

Cannon Creek Lake, a 219-acre impoundment in Bell County, will receive 3,000 brown trout in mid-to-late March. Fagan Branch Lake, a 127-acre impoundment in Marion County, will receive 1,000 brown trout in March.

“We selected these lakes because they have good water temperatures and dissolved oxygen levels for brown trout to survive through the summer,” said Dave Dreves, assistant director of Fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “We want to see how well brown trout do in these particular lakes. Other southern states have big brown trout in lakes, such as Lake Jocassee in South Carolina.”

The brown trout stockings supplement the rainbow trout stockings already conducted in Cannon Creek Lake and Fagan Branch Lake. Crews will stock Cannon Creek Lake with 6,000 rainbow trout in 2019 while Greenbo Lake will receive 11,000 rainbow trout. Fagan Branch Lake receives 1,500 rainbow trout this year.

Trout in these lakes fall under statewide regulations. Anglers may keep one brown trout daily with a 16-inch minimum size limit while they may keep eight rainbow trout daily with no minimum size limit.

“The brown trout won’t obtain harvestable size for several years,” Dreves said. “Anglers need to know the difference between the two trout species.”

Brown trout possess orange spots on the side with blue halos with an orange or brown coloring along the side. The tail of a brown trout has relatively few spots. Rainbow trout have a pinkish stripe along the sides with small black speckles all over the body and tail.

Anglers may consult the Fish Identification page under the “Fish” tab on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website at or page 19 of the 2019-2020 Kentucky Sport Fish and Boating Guide for help identifying differences between trout species.

In addition to a valid Kentucky fishing license, anglers must possess a valid Kentucky trout stamp to keep trout.