Bull moose removed from neighborhood in American Falls

On the morning of Oct. 18, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game received a report of an adult bull moose wandering in a neighborhood in American Falls.

Idaho Fish and Game personnel responded to find American Falls Police Department and the Power County Sheriff’s office already on scene with the animal successfully contained to Sunbeam Road near Interstate 86. The large bull, estimated to weigh about 1000 pounds, was darted by Fish and Game personnel, transported out of town, and released to a remote location.

Idaho Fish and Game greatly appreciates the invaluable assistance provided by the American Falls Police Department and the Power County Sheriff’s Office in this moose removal effort.

It is not unusual to observe moose in and around the American Falls area. However, sightings right in town are not as common and can be problematic. Moose can be defensive if approached by people, and these large animals can be a hazard to motorists. In this incident, the moose had been observed in proximity to Hillcrest Elementary School, and students were not allowed outside for recess until the moose was removed from the area.

Fish and Game cautions the public to always give wildlife their space to avoid potentially dangerous encounters. Never attempt to approach, corral, or herd moose observed in town. Instead, contact Idaho Fish and Game for assistance.