Catch a Florida Memory floats major improvements

There’s never been a better time to Catch a Florida Memory with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Saltwater Angler Recognition Program. On Aug. 7, took the plunge with a new wave of upgrades to better serve its users.

The updated website floats a familiar design and feel but offers some exciting new features, most notably an improved submission format that identifies which recognitions a catch will likely qualify for. This will allow anglers the opportunity to net every recognition possible for their submission and eliminate the hassle of having to submit photos more than once for different recognitions. The new format will also allow anglers to submit their catches one at a time, which has been one of the most common requests from anglers since the program’s relaunch in 2016.

Additional features of the new website include a more developed user account page that retains user information so it does not need to be entered for each submission, and the ability to track progress toward program goals and milestones. The website upgrades will also streamline the application approval process, which should reduce lag time between a submission’s approval and angler notification.

Now’s the time to get hooked on Catch a Florida Memory! This free program challenges anglers to target a diverse range of Florida fish species and reduce pressure on the most commonly sought-after catches. You could be the next successful angler to receive a prize pack including a T-shirt and certificate plus be automatically entered into monthly raffles for even more prizes. Participate today by visiting Anglers do not have to harvest their fish to be eligible for prizes and are encouraged to use proper fish handling techniques. Questions? Contact or 850-487-0554.