Changes to Maine’s 2020 Moose Permit Drawing Event

The 2020 Maine Moose Permit Drawing, originally planned to be held in Jackman at Unity College Sky Lodge, will now be a virtual event broadcast live on June 13, 2020 at 1pm.

Along with the drawing of the names of the lucky hunters, there will be some special presentations hosted by Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Biologists and Game Wardens that will focus on moose biology, management and hunting techniques. We will share more information soon!

We will look forward to the town of Jackman hosting the moose permit drawing event in June of 2021!

The full results will be made available online by 6pm Saturday, June 13 at

Enter the lottery now and avoid the headache of applying at the buzzer!

The online application process is fast and simple and you receive instant confirmation that you have successfully entered the lottery.

To get started, visit and fill out the online moose permit application. There, you will be able to indicate several preferences, including which wildlife management districts (WMD) you are willing to accept a permit in, and if you would accept a permit in another WMD if your name is drawn and all of your top choices are filled. You will also be able to select your preferred hunting season, whether or not you would accept an antlerless permit, and your choice of a sub-permittee.

The deadline to apply for the lottery is 11:59 p.m. on May 14, 2020.

If you have already applied for the lottery – thank you for getting it done early and good luck in the drawing!