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Charges issued in illegal New Mexico trapping case

SANTA FE – In one of New Mexico’s most high-profile trapping cases, a Chimayo man is facing multiple charges associated with running illegal trap lines that resulted in the unlawful harvest of multiple wildlife animals and the death of a beloved pet, Roxy.

On Tuesday, February 12, Marty Cordova, 42, was charged with 34 counts of illegal trapping activities. Charges include:

5 counts of trapping within 25 yards of a road
10 counts of failure to properly mark traps
5 counts of failure to check traps every calendar day
14 counts of unlawful possession of a protected species
Conservation officers served a search warrant on Cordova’s residence in January resulting in officers seizing snares and foot hold traps that were not properly marked. Officers seized 10 bobcat pelts and skulls, six fox pelts, badger and ringtail pelts, cell phones, a camera and a firearm.

The case was first brought to the department’s attention by Roxy’s owner Dave Clark of Espanola and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) officers Michael Carpenter and Justin Dean, said Department of Game and Fish conservation officer Christian Marrujo.

In addition to the charges issued by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the BLM also issued charges for the illegal activity on BLM land.

“We thank our partners at the Bureau of Land Management for their assistance with this case,” said Marrujo. “The department strives to protect our state’s wildlife and encourages the public to report any illegal activities.”

New Mexico conservation officers enforce the laws and regulations to conserve New Mexico’s wildlife and hold people accountable when they do not follow these rules.

If you see or suspect a wildlife crime, please call the 24-hour Operation Game Thief hotline at 1-800-432-GAME. You can remain anonymous and can earn a monetary reward. Remember: poachers steal your wildlife.