Check regulations as Oregon coastal fall salmon seasons kick off

SALEM, Ore. — With the onset of fall salmon seasons, ODFW wants to remind anglers to check salmon and steelhead angling regulations for Oregon coastal bays and rivers. Anglers should note there are no wild coho seasons or expanded Two-Rod Validations in place this year.

Overall, regulations for coastal rivers and bays remain as shown in the 2017 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations. Any changes resulting from in-season management actions for Northwest and Southwest Zone fishing rules can be found online at: and Anglers should consult these pages before fishing to make sure they are aware of any new changes. Under permanent rules, the use of two rods is limited to standing water bodies only (see page 14 of the 2017 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations).

Allowances for the use of two rods in streams is considered annually, and implemented under temporary rules. Temporary rules were in effect in fall 2016 to allow the use of the Two-Rod Validation for salmon and steelhead angling in some coastal areas. Those temporary rules expired as planned and have not been put in place for 2017. Anglers fishing for salmon or steelhead in coastal bays and rivers during this year’s fall salmon season may only use one rod per angler.

“Last year’s fall Chinook returns continued the pattern of the prior few years, with relatively strong returns,” said Chris Kern, ODFW Deputy Fish Division Administrator. “While 2017 returns are still projected to be healthy, we don’t expect them to be as strong as they were last year, and that is why we haven’t implemented the two-rod rule again this year. We’ll look at the forecasts in 2018 and make a decision on the potential use of two rods next year based on how things are shaping up.”

Like 2016, there will be no special wild coho salmon seasons in coastal bays and rivers for 2017. “Much like the last couple years, coastal wild coho are forecasted to remain a bit down this year, but we’re hopeful they will rebound in 2018 and allow us to provide some wild coho fishing opportunity again next year,” Kern said.

Fishing for hatchery coho in these areas remains open, more information at