Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Forest Bait Permits to Be Issued by Lottery

LANCASTER, NH — Beginning in 2017, permits to bait wildlife on the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Forest (CLHF), a 146,400-acre property located in Pittsburg, Clarksville and Stewartstown, NH, will be awarded by a lottery administered by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Region 1 Office in Lancaster, NH. A maximum of 40 permits to bait bear and 20 permits to bait other species (i.e., deer, coyote) will be awarded across 11 trapping units on the CLHF.

To be considered in the lottery, applications must be received by Fish and Game at the Region 1 office during a specific time period. Applications may only be submitted beginning on the first Monday in April and must be received by 4:00 PM on the first Friday in May. Applicants may drop their application off at the Region 1 office or submit by mail. If mailed, applications must be postmarked no later than midnight on the fourth Wednesday in April. Please note that rules prevent Fish and Game from considering applications received outside of the application window. (Don’t send them in early or they will not count.)

The CLHF Bait Permit Lottery application form will be available as of February 15, 2017. It will be available in two ways only:
Download a print-and-mail application at the Fish and Game website at
Pick up an application at Fish and Game’s Region 1 Office at 629B Main Street, Lancaster, NH 03584.

The Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Forest Bait Permit lottery drawing will be held on the second Monday in May in Lancaster. Successful applicants will be notified within 7 working days following the lottery.

Details regarding the rule establishing the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Forest (CLHF) bait permit lottery process are outlined in Fis 307.05 (k)

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