Coquille Valley Wildlife Area temporarily closes June 1

CHARLESTON, Ore – The Coquille Valley Wildlife Area is closed to public access June 1 for construction and restoration activities. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife expects it to reopen sometime in mid-October.

Heavy equipment operators will cut channels in the Winter Lake tract and create raised areas planted with native trees and shrubs for habitat diversity. This project is focused on conservation with wetland function and tidal flow restored to improve overwintering habitat for threatened coho salmon and migratory birds including waterfowl.

The new channels will fill with tidewater once connected to last year’s restoration activities in China Camp Creek giving coho more habitat while also benefitting waterfowl. The raised area will provide habitat for fish and wildlife, many of which are Oregon Conservation Strategy Species such as Pacific lamprey, purple martin, clouded salamander and Western pond turtle.

The Winter Lake project makes overall improvements to 420 acres. The China Camp Creek project improved natural resources and agriculture on 1,700 acres within the Beaver Slough Drainage District.