Cougar killed in The Dalles after livestock losses

THE DALLES, Ore. — A landowner shot and killed a cougar that had killed several goats in a neighborhood on the southern edge of The Dalles.

The cougar killed five goats in close proximity to houses in two separate incidents (Feb. 26 and March 1) at neighboring residences. The cougar was also seen multiple times in the area in the days before it was killed. The animal had even been shot at by one of the landowners who lost goats, but returned another night before being killed on March 2.

Cougar sightings/activity sometimes occur in this part of The Dalles due to its location near forested habitat. However, the multiple sightings and livestock killings near residences caused concern for local wildlife managers, who also made attempts to locate the cougar before it was shot by the landowner.

The cougar killed was an adult female in good body condition.

The landowner who shot the cougar coordinated with ODFW and the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting occurred just outside city limits as only law enforcement can discharge a firearm within city limits. Under Oregon law, landowners may kill cougars causing livestock damage and no permit is needed, but ODFW must be notified. The cougar’s carcass must also be checked in to an ODFW office within 10 days so biologists can take samples to determine its sex and age for population modelling efforts.

Oregon is home to more than 6,000 cougars of all age classes. For more information, visit