Custer State Park to Hold Annual Bison Auction

CUSTER, S.D. – The 2018 Custer State Park Fall Classic Bison Auction will be held on Saturday, Nov. 17, at the park’s visitor center where approximately 330 head will be available for sale.

This year’s offerings include 20 mature bred cows, 29 mature open cows, 2 two-year-old bred heifers, 19 open two-year-old heifers, 43 yearling heifers, 25 heifer calves, 117 bull calves, 62 yearling bulls, ten two-year-old breeding bulls, one three-year-old breeding bull and 2 two-year-old grade bulls.

The video and online auction will begin at 10 a.m. MST at the Custer State Park visitor center, located 15 miles east of Custer on Highway 16A, near the junction of the Wildlife Loop Road and Highway 16A.

“This year’s auction offering is a great group of bison,” said Chad Kremer, bison herd manager. “The recent change to a video auction rather than a live auction has been positive. It reduces the stress on the buffalo and expedites the entire process.”

The internet auction, going on its seventh year, has helped reach buyers that wouldn’t have been reached in the past.

For the past 53 years, the park has made its surplus bison available for sale to the private sector. A significant amount of park revenue comes from the bison sale and goes toward continued operations of the state park system.

For additional information about the upcoming bison auction, contact Custer State Park at 605.255.4515 or email questions to