DNR seeks candidates for 2018 Conservation Officer Recruit School

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is seeking candidates for its 2018 Conservation Officer Recruit School, a 23-week training academy that is the first step in becoming a conservation officer.

Recruit School #9 runs July 15-Dec. 21, 2018, at the training academy in Dimondale, near Lansing, Michigan.

“The academy demands total effort and commitment,” said 1st Lt. Steve Burton, training section supervisor in the DNR Law Enforcement Division. “It challenges recruits academically and physically. But those who succeed are on the path to an exciting, fulfilling career as a Michigan conservation officer. Not just anyone can wear our gray and green uniform. Only the finest men and women should apply.”

The DNR is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diversity among its applicants. During the academy, recruits become state of Michigan employees and are paid biweekly. After graduation, they become probationary conservation officers and spend several more months training throughout the state before being assigned to one of Michigan’s 83 counties, in which they will live. The entire training process, which includes the academy, takes one year before candidates become full-fledged conservation officers, due to the high quality and diverse nature of the training.

An applicant must:

Be a U.S. citizen.
Be at least 21 years old before graduating from the academy.
Become a resident of Michigan by completing the Probationary Training Program.
Be allowed to lawfully possess a firearm in Michigan.
Possess a valid Michigan driver’s license.
Possess a satisfactory driving record.
Possess a clean criminal record absent of any felony convictions.
Submit to a thorough background investigation measuring the applicant’s suitability for law enforcement work.
Pass the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) physical fitness test.
Complete and attach the Job Fit Questionnaire, Location Preference Sheet, a cover letter and resume when applying.

A detailed guide to the application process is available at www.michigan.gov/conservationofficers. For more information contact Sgt. John Meka at mekaj@michigan.gov or 517-284-6499.

This year’s Recruit School is under way, with graduation scheduled in December. For a look at life in the academy, subscribe to the weekly conservation officer academy blog, which also is posted on the Michigan DNR Facebook page. View previous blogs from Recruit School #8.

DNR conservation officers serve a distinct role in Michigan’s law enforcement community. They are certified police officers with full authority to enforce all of Michigan’s laws. As conservation officers, they also have specialized training in a variety of areas related to the protection of Michigan’s citizens and natural resources. This includes extensive training in fish, game and trapping enforcement; recreational safety and enforcement, as well as firearms, precision and off-road driving, survival tactics and first aid. Learn more at www.michigan.gov/conservationofficers.