East River Deer Hunters Should be Aware of Wet Conditions

PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Department is reminding hunters heading out for the East River Deer season to be mindful of the wet conditions that exist across much of eastern South Dakota.

“There are a lot of muddy roads, pastures and fields across the state, but especially in eastern South Dakota,” said GFP deputy secretary, Kevin Robling.

“Producers have had a tough year because of the extreme wet conditions, and we are reminding hunters to use good judgement when traveling on wet roads, trails, fields, and pastures. Tearing up land to get to your hunting spot can lead to loss of access for you or other hunters in the future,” Robling said.

Robling asked hunters to tread lightly on public lands, too.

“When muddy conditions exist, access roads and trails to our game production areas and other public lands get damaged easily. Please be mindful of other hunters to ensure these designated trails remain open for future use.”

GFP officials also shared a few more tips to ensure a successful hunting season:

If you open a gate, close the gate behind you.
Never park on the top of a hill or in front of a closed gate. Harvest is still in progress, and producers are moving large equipment.
Pick up any trash you see, whether it is yours or not.
Never leave carcasses next to roads and parking areas.
When field dressing animals, gut piles should be disposed of away from highly visible areas.

For more information on hunting deer in South Dakota, visit: gfp.sd.gov.