Enjoy This Winter’s Free Fishing Day in New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH – If you’ve always wanted to try ice fishing, take advantage of New Hampshire’s winter free fishing day on Saturday, January 18, 2020. It’s a day anyone can fish without a license in New Hampshire.

Note that all other regulations must still be followed. Persons participating in a fishing tournament on free fishing day must still hold a license, however. Learn more about fishing rules by reading the NH Freshwater Fishing or Saltwater Fishing digests at www.fishnh.com/fishing/publications.html.

Find more information about ice fishing in New Hampshire, including videos, a list of bait dealers, and more, at www.fishnh.com/fishing/ice-fishing.html.

This annual winter event takes place on the third Saturday in January each year. New Hampshire also offers a free fishing day on the first Saturday in June.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s marine, fish, and wildlife resources and their habitats. Visit www.wildnh.com.