F&G alerting Idaho City residents of dog-aggressive coyotes

On the morning of Aug. 30, Idaho Fish and Game staff received a report of coyotes acting aggressively towards a dog on the Buena Vista Trail near the airport in Idaho City.

According to the reporting party, a woman was hiking with her dog in the area on Monday morning when they were chased for approximately a quarter mile by two aggressive coyotes. Neither the woman nor the dog was bitten during the encounter, but given the aggressive behavior, Fish and Game officials are alerting people with dogs of the potential of an attack by the coyotes.

It is not uncommon for coyotes to be territorial with domestic dogs, particularly small dogs, and it’s possible that the coyotes were protecting their nearby young. Fish and Game will continue to watch closely for any further conflicts. For now, officials suggest recreationists may wish to walk their dogs somewhere else for a few days.

If people do encounter coyotes while out hiking with their dogs, officials recommend keeping dogs under close control to reduce the chances of an attack by a coyote.

“It’s always good to keep dogs close and under control to minimize the risk,” said Southwest Regional Manager Ryan Walrath. “Being in close proximity to a leashed dog is a much greater deterrent to a coyote, but being on leash doesn’t absolutely guarantee a territorial coyote won’t cause problems with a dog.”