F&G Commission approves fall Chinook fishing opener

Fall Chinook fishing on the Snake, Clearwater and Salmon rivers will open Aug. 18 and Idaho Fish and Game fisheries managers expect 18,126 adult fish to return to Idaho, which compares with 24,780 last year.

Of the fish returning, managers are forecasting 12,013 hatchery Chinook and 6,113 natural origin.

Most of the fishing opportunity will occur on the Snake River, but short sections of the Clearwater and Salmon will have some fishing.

The following areas open to fishing for fall Chinook:

Snake River – from the Washington/Idaho border upstream to Hells Canyon Dam.
Clearwater River – from its mouth upstream to Memorial Bridge
Salmon River – from its mouth upstream approximately three-fourths of a mile to Eye of the Needle Rapids

Closing Dates

Clearwater River, Salmon River and that part of the Snake River downstream of Cliff Mountain Rapids (River Mile 246.7) – Closure upon notice or October 31, 2018, whichever comes first.

Snake River – from Hells Canyon Dam downstream to Cliff Mountain Rapids (River Mile 246.7) – Closure upon notice or November 18, 2018, whichever comes first.


Bag (Daily): Six adipose fin-clipped adult fall Chinook.

Possession: 18 adipose fin-clipped adult fall Chinook.

Season: There is no limit on the number of adult fall Chinook Salmon that can be harvested during the fall Chinook season. (All adult Chinook salmon that are harvested must be recorded on a salmon permit.)

Jack fall Chinook: Anglers can retain any jack fall Chinook Salmon (adipose-clipped or unclipped) if they have a valid salmon permit. There are no daily bag, possession or season limits for jack fall Chinook Salmon. Anglers are not required to record jack fall Chinook Salmon on their salmon permit.

Full rules and regulations will be available online and at regional Fish and Game offices prior to the season opener.