F&G investigating mountain lion reports in McCall

The Idaho Fish and Game office in McCall has received several reports of mountain lions in McCall in January, and wildlife staff are currently investigating the reports. 

It is not unexpected for wildlife, including large predators, to pass through town occasionally. Fish and Game staff are trying to determine whether any of these animals are spending most of their time around homes, and potentially becoming less wary of humans.

“Mountain lions moving through town are typically not cause for concern, and Fish and Game generally allows them to move out of the area on their own,” said Regan Berkley, Regional Wildlife Manager. “However, when large predators lose some fear of humans, it can create a dangerous situation that warrants intervention and possibly lethal removal by Fish and Game.”

Berkley offers the following reminders about mountain lions: If you encounter a mountain lion, do not run. Make eye contact, and make yourself big and loud. Back out of the situation slowly.

“We also ask folks not to feed deer, as that prey base is likely what is attracting mountain lions to town and allowing them to reside here in the winter,” Berkley says.

Fish and Game asks residents to report any mountain lion sightings to the McCall office at 208-634-8137