Fish Biologist II job in Cache County

Are you interested in working for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on fish research, fish health, and the native and invasive species programs? If so, our Fisheries Experiment Station (FES) in Logan is seeking a fish biologist to perform duties in these varied fields. This is an exciting opportunity that will allow you to work both in the field and in the laboratory.

Principal duties

As a fish biologist, you will:

Conduct fish and invertebrate surveys.
Assist with fish health inspections.
Carry out literature reviews and research projects associated with native and invasive species.
Carry out aquatic invasive species (AIS) inspections.
Evaluate a variety of data using diverse analytical tools.
Prepare laboratory reagents and biological samples for analysis.
The ideal candidate
The ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in natural resources, fish health, fisheries biology, microbiology, wildlife sciences, biological sciences or a directly related field of study. Laboratory experience would also be beneficial, along with an understanding of AIS, native aquatics and fisheries research. The candidate should ideally have knowledge of:

Fish anatomy and necropsy procedures.
Aseptic technique, cell culture methods and pathogen identification.
Qiagen extraction methods, PCR, qPCR methods and troubleshooting.
Parasitology, DFAT analysis, API methods, reagent and media preparation, antibiotic sensitivity testing, head defleshing and PTD.
Experimental design, statistical/data analysis and interpretation.
Fisheries management and associated field responsibilities.
Fish culture, hatchery management and bio-security practices.
Laboratory techniques and safety practices.