Fish & Wildlife Seeks Volunteers for Goose Banding

Here’s a great opportunity to go on a goose chase that can make a difference.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is asking for volunteers to help in rounding up and placing identification bands on the legs of Canada geese at its Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area off Route 17 in Addison, starting at 8 A.M. on Wednesday, July 3.

“We are hoping to have between 30 and 70 individuals volunteer to help,” said David Sausville, state waterfowl biologist. “We request that children be accompanied by adults to control the children’s efforts and help them work with the geese.

Please call the Fish & Wildlife office in Essex at 878-1564 to volunteer, and leave your phone number in case the event must be rescheduled due to bad weather, especially if it is too hot.

The Canada geese nesting in Vermont today are the result of a restoration effort begun at Dead Creek in the 1950s by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. The geese banded this year will be monitored to gather biological information to help ensure their population continues to thrive.