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Four wolf trapper courses scheduled across Idaho

Attention new wolf trappers: There are 4 upcoming wolf trapper education classes scheduled for Nov and Dec in Idaho. If you plan to trap wolves this season, please plan to attend one of these classes.

Nov 3 9am-5pm IDFG Regional Office, Idaho Falls

Nov 9 9am-4:30pm IDFG Regional Office, Lewiston

Nov 10 9am-4:30pm IDFG Regional Office, Coeur d’Alene

Dec 1 9am-4:30pm IDFG Fisheries Research Building, Nampa

To register for one of these classes, please stop at a regional IDFG office or register online at

Wolf trappers who have not held an Idaho trapping license prior to July 1, 2011, must also take standard trapper education in order to be able to purchase a trapping license. To see a list of upcoming trapper education courses and to register online, go to