Gag season starts June 1 in Gulf federal and most state waters

Gag grouper will open for recreational harvest in most state Gulf of Mexico waters and all federal Gulf waters June 1, and will remain open through Dec. 31.

Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor and Jefferson counties are excluded from this opening because they have their own season from April 1-June 30 and Sept. 1-Dec. 31. Monroe County is also excluded from this season because it follows the Atlantic state season.

Gulf state waters are from shore to 9 nautical miles. Federal waters begin where state waters end and extend to 200 nautical miles.

The minimum size limit for gag grouper in Gulf waters is 24 inches total length, and the daily bag limit is two fish per person within the four-grouper per person aggregate limit.

If you plan to fish for gag grouper in Gulf state or federal waters from a private recreational vessel, you must sign up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler (annual renewal is required). To learn more, visit and click on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Gulf Reef Fish Survey” under “Reef Fish.” Sign up today at

State for-hire operators that do not have a federal reef fish permit and plan to target gag in state waters must have the State Gulf Reef Fish Charter designation on their license. Learn more at by clicking on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations,” “Snappers,” and “Learn more.” Sign up at no cost by going to your local tax collector’s office.

Learn more about grouper at by clicking on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Groupers.”