Get Ready for Gopher Tortoise Day

The Gopher Tortoise Council declared April 10th as “Gopher Tortoise Day”, and now you can too! Join the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in celebrating the gopher tortoise by adopting a resolution proclaiming April 10th as Gopher Tortoise Day and raising awareness in your local community.

Reasons to celebrate Gopher Tortoise Day:

The gopher tortoise is a State-Threatened species that has lived in the Southeastern United States for thousands of years. Help ensure that this species continues to thrive for years to come by taking actions to conserve local gopher tortoise populations and their habitat.

You can help protect this important keystone species and more than 350 “commensal” species that rely on gopher tortoise burrows for refuge. Commensals include the gopher frog, Florida mouse, Eastern indigo snake, and many more. Educate yourself and others on the importance of gopher tortoises and burrow commensals to Florida ecosystems.

Gopher tortoises are found throughout the state of Florida, even in backyards and local neighborhoods! Make your neighborhood “Tortoise-Wise” by raising awareness for gopher tortoises, growing native plants in your yard, and keeping your pets away from tortoises and their burrows.

Get involved in your community by visiting the Florida Gopher Tortoise Day website at, which includes a sample resolution, press release, social media post, and information on how to host a Gopher Tortoise Day event to raise awareness for this revered species. To ensure that your local government adopts a Gopher Tortoise Day resolution, contact your city/county commission and ask that a resolution signing be added to an upcoming commission meeting agenda.

If you have questions about Gopher Tortoise Day, hosting an event, or adopting a resolution, please contact FWC’s Gopher Tortoise Education and Outreach Coordinator at or call (850) 921-1030.