Get your traps ready while we wait for safe ice conditions

Ice fishing season is almost here! While some smaller ponds in northern Maine are starting to form some ice, safe ice is still a ways away for much of the state. It’s a great time to dig out your gear and check your lines while we wait for safe conditions. If the right conditions set in and ice begins to form, you may be able to begin your ice fishing season later this month. The December fishing report includes several smaller water bodies that typically freeze early and are open to ice fishing in December.

For the anglers who still haven’t put away their waders and rods, there is still open water fishing opportunity. Remember to dress warm and fish slow as the fish are also cold and slow-moving this time of year.

Always use extreme caution on frozen water bodies. Do your ice dance, and hopefully safe ice conditions will arrive soon.

For more information on where to fish and other helpful hints from Maines fisheries biologists, read the monthly fishing report at