GFP and SDSU Tagging Walleyes on Lake Sharpe

PIERRE, S.D. – If all goes according to plan, 4,000 walleyes will be sporting a shiny piece of jewelry in Lake Sharpe this summer.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) fisheries crews in conjunction with South Dakota State University (SDSU) are currently tagging walleyes near Pierre and in the West Bend area. The study hopes to help biologists better estimate walleye population abundance, mortality and exploitation in the next three years.

“A tagging effort like this one is a big undertaking,” said GFP resource biologist Hilary Meyer. “We can learn a great deal from these tagged fish, including movement and harvest patterns. In addition to the metal tags, we hope to tag fish with internal acoustic-telemetry tags to give us real time fish locations.”

The information gathered from the study will assist in the management of Lake Sharpe walleye fishing regulations.