GFP Offers Programs to Landowners Experiencing Deer Damage

PIERRE, S.D. – Deep snow and extreme temperatures left their mark across South Dakota in recent weeks, with the most severe areas located in north-central and western South Dakota.

“These weather conditions have resulted in deer concentrating to form several large herds. With cover and food resources limited, deer herds move into farmyards and storage areas for protection from the weather and to feed,” said Keith Fisk, GFP’s wildlife damage program administrator. “Currently, we are working on over 150 requests from across the state for assistance with deer damage to stored livestock feed.”

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) has programs and services available, designed to reduce damage to landowners’ and producers’ operations. GFP can provide protective panels or fencing to keep deer from accessing stored-feed supplies as well as using hazing techniques, depredation pool hunts, and short-stopping to keep deer away from farmyards and other areas which hold livestock feed.

“We are requesting landowners who want more information on programs and assistance with this effort to contact their local GFP office,” stated Fisk. “Landowners and producers are critical partners in wildlife management in South Dakota and GFP wants to thank them for their understanding and assistance with large concentrations of wildlife during tough winter conditions.”

Local GFP Contact Information:

Aberdeen: 605.626.2391

Chamberlain: 605.734.4530

Fort Pierre: 605.223.7700

Huron: 605.353.7145

Mobridge: 605.845.7814

Rapid City: 605.394.2391

Sioux Falls: 605.362.2700

Watertown: 605.882.5200

Webster: 605.345.3381