Grab, Gig or Dip For Bullfrogs Starting July 1

PRATT – A summer in Kansas isn’t complete without getting your feet a little wet – while frogging, that is. Yep, there’s a season on bullfrogs in Kansas and come July 1-October 31, farm ponds, puddles, shallow creeks and marshes will be teeming with the sounds of splashing and bullfrogs croaking.

Once you’ve purchased a 2018 fishing license, you can legally take bullfrogs using hook and line, dip net, gig, bow and crossbow, or of course, the old-fashioned but time-tested method of using your bare hands. The daily limit of bullfrogs is eight and the possession limit is 24.

While frogs can be caught during the day, most frogging is done at night. Stealth and a good light are “musts” for a successful frogging foray. Frogs’ eyes shine in a flashlight beam and the light seems to freeze them in place, so have a buddy hold a light for you or take a headlamp to keep your hands free. Approach the frog slowly and carefully, minding your foot placement; Heavy footfalls on shore or ripples in the water will send a bullfrog hopping every time, light or no light. Once the frog is in your possessions, place it in a 5-gallon bucket drilled with small holes, a burlap sack or fish basket.

The ultimate challenge is to catch bullfrogs by hand. This requires a low, quiet approach from behind, then a lightning-fast snatch. Aim to grab them mid-body, just in front of the rear legs. Should you decide to keep your catch, frog legs make for fun and surprisingly tasty table fare. Serve them dipped in batter and fried.

For more on bullfrog season in Kansas, visit and click “Bullfrogs.”