Habitat Improvement Efforts Start Soon at Fort Boise WMA

Efforts to enhance nearly 400 acres of wetland habitat at Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area (WMA) will begin as soon as August 18th.

Early work will focus on water control structure replacement and ground preparation for future installation of new water delivery structures. The majority of the dirt work, including sediment removal from wetland interior areas, will take place in late winter and early spring. The improvement project will continue through the winter and wrap up sometime in May of 2021.

Impacts to Hunters
As with any construction project, there will be temporary inconveniences. “Fall hunting activities will be displaced or disrupted by the construction,” Fish and Game regional wildlife biologist Tyler Archibald said. “Waterfowl hunting in particular will be extremely limited this fall at the WMA, except along the Boise and Snake Rivers.”

Water delivery to WMA ponds has been shut off for weeks now, allowing the ponds to dry out in advance of construction efforts. “Our hope is to focus initial construction efforts such that Teal Pond can refill and be available to waterfowl hunters throughout the 2020-21 waterfowl season.”

Waterfowl hunters are encouraged to pursue ducks and geese in other locations, including several other regional WMAs, including CJ Strike WMA (CJ Strike WMA Home Page), Payette River WMA (Payette River WMA Home Page), and Montour WMA (Montour WMA Home Page). With last year’s water delivery improvements to C.J. Strike WMA’s Bruneau Duck Ponds, waterfowl hunters using the area should experience better hunting this season. Improvements have also been made to C.J.’s Hot Springs segment.

Pheasant and other upland hunting opportunities should be less affected by construction. “Sportsmen can expect to encounter site-specific temporary closures in place around wetland areas east of Sand Hollow Creek,” Archibald noted. “These measures are in place to protect construction workers and equipment.”

To soften the impacts to pheasant hunters, Fish and Game will be stocking pheasants on Roswell Marsh Wildlife Habitat Area, just five miles south of Fort Boise WMA. The area will be stocked twice each week, with approximately 50 birds released during each stocking effort. Find more information regarding pheasant stocking here: https://idfg.idaho.gov/hunt/pheasant/stocking.

For more information regarding the Fort Boise WMA Habitat Improvement Project, please contact Fish and Game’s Fort Boise WMA office at 208-722-5888.