Hoot owl restrictions lifted on Deschutes River

SALEM, Ore.— Hoot owl restrictions that closed salmon, trout and steelhead fishing at 2 p.m. are now lifted on the Deschutes River from Moody Rapids (river mile 0.5) upstream to Sherars Falls. Permanent rules are in effect from Moody Island upstream to Pelton Dam.

Cooler nights and other factors (seasonal changes to angle of sun on the water) are contributing to cooler water temperatures that are suitable for steelhead angling in the lower 50 miles of the Deschutes River.

Also effective today, these hoot owl restrictions are being expanded in the Willamette Zone to include all tributaries of the Clackamas, Molalla, Sandy rivers and Scappoose Creek. Salmon, trout and steelhead fishing are now closed in these waterbodies from 2 p.m. to one hour before sunrise.

Willamette Zone changes are needed because continued low flows, abnormally high water temperatures, and drought are causing difficult conditions for fish. Water temperatures are warmest in the afternoon, so closing fishing at that time reduces stress on fish when they are most vulnerable and susceptible to post-release mortality.

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